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Within the New Path to InclUsion Network we used the Theory-U developed by Otto Scharmer and the presencing institute ( as a framework to guide our learning and activities.

Theory-U is an innovative model of social change. It stands for an understanding of social innovation that calls people to move outside their familiar assumptions and patterns of behaviour. On the website of the presencing institute they write: “Theory-U proposes that the quality of the results that we create in any kind of social system is a function of the quality of awareness that the participants in the system operate from.“

To this end Theory-U offers a range of social practices or technologies that should support change makers in the process of moving outside their taken for granted assumptions and redirecting their awareness.

Sensing journeys are one of these powerful tools, which have been used extensively as part of organised change initiatives. In our project sensing journeys where an important element to explore the topic of community inclusion.

In order to immerse ourselves in new learning experiences we organised three two-day journeys to good-practice sites of community Inclusion in Hamburg, Madrid and Wales (link to the reports of the sensing journeys) and conducted four half day mini sensing journeys as part of our third multiplication course module in Ostholstein in the North of Germany (Link to the multiplication course).

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