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Within the New Path to InclUsion Network we used the Theory-U developed by Otto Scharmer and the presencing institute ( as a framework to guide our learning and activities. 

What is a Case Clinc

Case-Clinics are largely a group based intervision tool that is most often used during the prototyping phase of the U-process. It guides a team or a group of peers through a process in which a case giver presents a case, and a group of 3-4 peers or team members help as coaches based on the principles of the U-Process and process consultation. 

Case Clinics allow participants to:

  • Generate new ways to look at a challenge or question.
  • Develop new approaches for responding to this.


To access the wisdom and experience of peers and to help a peer respond to an important and immediate leadership challenge in a better and more innovative way. 


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