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Context ? Setting the Scene / Preparing for the training

  • Background: How was this module embedded in the context of the project? Where we were? What we wanted? What we tried?

The Multiplication Course on “Inclusive Spaces of Learning” described here represented one of the three Keys to Inclusion addressed within the New Paths to InclUsion (NPI) NetworkThe initial guiding question has been: 

How can we improve vocational training courses to effectively include diverse groups of learners, including persons with intellectual disabilities, for the benefit of all?

One of our main learnings across the different activities of the project – also due to our own shortcomings in effectively including people with disabilities in all phases of the project on organisational, local, national AND European level -was that we had to widen our scope to the issue of “Inclusive Spaces of Learning”. When we are talking about Inclusion our guiding principle has to be at all times and at all levels “Nothing about us without us”. Thus the focus of the Multiplication Course described here was on gathering experiences, ideas and good practices for collectively strengthening our capacity and courage to create inclusive spaces of learning whenever we gather based on a shared intention – be it a formal training course, a conference, an event, a team or a project meeting.

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