The Online Knowledge Center

Table of Contents

2013: Sensing

  • We started by building a shared foundation for the development of the European Network. National inclusion trainings in Person Centred Planning will take place in Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Denmark where no training programme on person-centred approaches has been developed so far.
  • On the basis of their experience from the former New Paths to Inclusion project, three members of the Network started designing and testing strategies for transformation towards person-centred organisations by changing their own organisational culture, practices and structure.
  • We were collecting examples of best practices in community inclusion and development from across Europe. We used the results of this research to organise on-site learning journeys to learn about three of the most innovative projects.
  • We were developing and testing a Handbook on How to Design Inclusive Trainings that gathered knowledge and good practices on delivering inclusive training for a diverse group of learners.

2014: Presencing

  • We used the knowledge and experiences acquired during the ‘Sensing’ phase of the project to design an inclusive training programme – European Multiplication Course - for workers in the disability sector that promoted person-centred thinking and practice and creation of strong connections between services and the community life.
  • We brought together interested stakeholders in every project country and layed foundations for national networks of organisations committed to inclusion and person-centred support.

2015: Realizing

  • We organised a pilot European Multiplication Course addressing the three keys to inclusion.
  • We looked for ways to strengthen the emerging European and national networks to make sure that cooperation and exchange of experiences continues after the end of the project.
  • At a final European conference in Brussels, we launched an Online Knowledge Centre which gathered the learning and materials developed by the New Paths to InclUsion Network.