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Person centred reviews enable organisations reflect on the progress or changes that need to be made in a person’s life. The person is involved, has a role in organising the meeting and who they invite, and how it is run.
This tool

  • Makes sure the person is heard
  • Enables them to be involved in their meeting
  • Enables families to have a valued role in the meeting
  • Creates action plans for change which can be measured
  • Gives organisations information about how they can improve and develop services.


The short description of the method in the minibook person centred thinking you find here.

An example of a person centred review you find in the story of Rosemarie Hinterseer (Link to Frau_Hinterserr-en.doc) and Sabine (Link to Sabine's review.docx).

An explanation of person centred reviews you can also find on the website of Helen Sanderson Associates


These texts gives you a good introduction into person centred reviews:

SANDERSON, Helen & MATHIESEN, Ruth (2003): Person Centred Reviews. Stockport: HSA Press.
SANDERSON, Helen & GOODWIN, Gill (2007): Person Centred Thinking Stockport: HSA Press.