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MAP has been developed by Jack PEARPOINT and Marsha FOREST in the mid 1980’s (see O’BRIEN & FOREST 1989). PATH followed slightly later (see PEARPOINT, O’BRIEN & FOREST 2001). Both these methods use a graphic process in a meeting where the main person has invited people that they have chosen. It is important that the person and their support circle are well supported and prepared for the meeting.

MAP is comprised of formerly eight and today six steps (see O’BRIEN & LOVETT 2000) drawing a positive picture of a person through a group of invited people (O’BRIEN, PEARPOINT & KAHN 2010, 93):

  1. Hear the story
  2. Honour the Dream
  3. Recognise the Nightmare
  4. Name Gifts
  5. Say What It Takes to receive the Gifts
  6. Agree on Action

So, this MAP group process enables 'clarifying gifts, identifying meaningful contributions, specifying the necessary conditions for contribution, and making agreements that will develop opportunities for contributions' (O’BRIEN, PEARPOINT & KAHN 2010, 16).


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