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PATH is a powerful planning process that  developed by Jack Pearpoint, John O‘Brien and Marscha Forrest in the beginning of the 1990s. PATH uses like MAPS  a graphic process in a meeting where the main person has invited people that they have chosen. It is important that the person and their support circle are well supported and prepared for the meeting.

PATH  uses a graphic process where the people planning with the person support them to their share dreams for the future then to set positive and possible targets to move towards that dream. PATH is comprised by eight steps (O’BRIEN, PEARPOINT & KAHN 2010, 63):

  1. Locate the North Star
  2. Generate a Vision of a positive possible future
  3. Describe the Now
  4. Invite Enrollment
  5. Decide to Get Stronger
  6. Identify Bold Steps
  7. Organise the month’s work
  8. Agree to Next Steps

So, the PATH group process enables “discovering a way to move toward a positive and possible goal, which is rooted in life purpose, by enrolling others, building strength, and finding a 
workable strategy”  (O’BRIEN, PEARPOINT & KAHN 2010, 16).


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