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FEAPS was the Spanish partner organization that participated initially in the New Paths to Inclusion Network project, now the organization is called Plena Inclusión España.

Plena Inclusión España is an organization providing services to more than 135.000 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities throughout Spain.

Plena Inclusión España was one of the new members of the project and received the PCP training during 2013 and 2015.

FEAPS has changed recently its name being called Plena Inclusión España from 2nd of October 2015. This change is the result of a consultation and reflection process where its members (including people with intellectual and developmental disabilities) agreed that they no longer wanted to have the word “Subnormal” in the name of the organization representing them.

The consultation process above mentioned also approved that people with intellectual disabilities could be members of the Board and decision making structures of the organization. This was approved because one person with intellectual disabilities stood up in front of more than 400 members of FEAPS and said, in the middle of a massive discussion, that he would be pleased to be involved in decision making structures.

Those are two examples of how having reflection spaces open to a variety of actors might provoke great changes.