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The story of Petr is begins in an institution where he was put at his age of 12. And he had spent in institutions 18 years afterwards. This fact plays a key role in his further life. When we met him, he had a civil guardian and had lived in hostel, without any support: no social work, no network of people helping him, only one good friend a former social worker of his.

He was put in a position of a „small child“ although being 30 years old. He did not have any legal capacity and could not decide anything concerning his common life or his finance. He did not know anything about self-advocacy. Nobody has tought him this skill. It was not needed and wanted in institutions where he had lived. The guardian did all his payments and administration without him even he knowing when. He did not know how much his rent costs, how much he has on his account (account at the City hall, he did not have of his own) – the guardian thought it was not necessary for him to know such an information. He could manage only small pocket money 4EU (100 CZK) in a week, the rest of his week (18 EU = 500 CZK) money he regularly every Monday got he had to document with receipts.