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“What we can't accomplish ourselves / We can achieve when we're together …”. This song by Xavier Naidoo rings in me when I think of the history of our „Person-centred planning” network in South-Tyrol.”

It started about eight years ago.

At that time we were only few people.

We were enthusiastic about the person-centred methods and ideas.
We somehow felt that a planning for the future was a good way and possibility for people - to realize their personal lives, - to be aware of their personal dreams and wishes and - to organize their lives in this direction.

People with learning disabilities do need services in their lives, but somehow this offer of services has developed in such a way that the services are in the centre and not the users of these services.

Since we have been dealing with the person-centred methods, it has been clear to us that a personal planning for the future can be a good chance to correct this so that people are again able to take matters in their own hands.