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A process of Working together for CHANGE within the BALANCE assisted accomodation area

The Workshop CHANGE - Working together for Change in BALANCE was  hosted on 24th of April 2014 in Vienna, at the WiFi, a common place of advanced training in the city. The issue was the support service for people living with dissabilities in BALANCE assisted accomodation places.

This Workshop has been prepared for half a year. Many people have taken part in this preparation. For instance 4 groups of staff workers and users of the accomodation places have analysed 75 Personal Review minutes. The Informations have been anonymised. The point was to find out: What are the meaningful things for the users lifes? What is not working well? What’s working? What should BALANCE change to deliver good support to the service users, who want to live their lifes in their way?

About 90 particapants got into a conversation about those questions – Inhabitants of BALANCE assisted accomodation places, BALANCE staff workers, families of the users, self-advocates, peer-councellers, procurators of users, politicians, representatives of the funding agency.

The working groups were facilitated by people, who are not serving BALANCE as a staff member. Thus the participants could share there thoughts and ideas on a level playing field. This way of working together, creating a special energy has been the biggest and most touching experience of the day for nearly all the participants.

That way we came into creating ideas into envisioning the future of our services. 5 very big paper circles – tanks of ideas – were filled.

Now there is just enough work for BALANCE, to look ahead and do the first steps together with the service users.

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Some time ago I took part in an advanced training at Balance Hochheimgasse in Vienna and I heard about person centred planning. Angelika from a self-advocacy organisation in Vienna agreed to support me to start my very own future plan. I wrote some nice invitations, with a boat as a symbol for my journey to a better future, but unfortunately only two people, my sister and her husband, showed up at my first planning meeting, as the other people had no time or had already plans to go out drinking.