Pentru Voi, the Romanian New Paths to InclUsion Network partner organization, participated in a series of person-centred planning training events.

From September 2013 to June 2014, a group of 21 people, among them service users, self-advocates, parents and staff members, worked with trainer July Lunt to discuss the importance of person-centred planning.

In order to increase the level of choice and decision-making in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, participants at the training events have since implemented some of the tools from training into their everyday work.

The Foundation also organised a dissemination event for the staff and previously institutionalized people with disabilities at the Neuropsychiatric Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre Găvojdia. The action, called ‚Nothing About Us, Without Us’, aims to engage people with disabilities in the decision-making process throughout the period of deinstitutionalisation. With the involvement of people with disabilities in decision-making often very low, the campaign also sought to make people aware of their right to make decisions independently.

The three National Networking Platforms organised by Pentru Voi this year also proved to be hugely successful. Presenting ideas on person-centred planning and the New Paths to InclUsion Network more generally, people with intellectual disabilities, their parents and other family members were able to gain a greater insight into person-centred planning. Three people with disabilities and a parent attending the training also had the opportunity to share their experiences during the person-centred planning training.

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23 Dec 2015

Our Final conference in Vienna was also the occasion to present our one-stop online portal: the Online Knowledge Center. With this platform, we aim to share the lessons we learned on Person-centred planning, Community Inclusion, Organisational Change and transformation, with a range of background information, tools, stories and learning materials...


Editorial - Newsletter 6

23 Dec 2015

After three years of intense learning and developing the end of our project marks a change of seasons.  Whilst we have been active cultivating our (social) fields and trying to plant new seeds, this newsletter is supposed to celebrate our “harvest”. Still our journey is far from being over. Three...


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Nok en hverdag i Bergen By

25 May 2017



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